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Default Babies and Dreams

Maybe you’ve wondered whether or not babies dream just as adults do. Then again, maybe you have never wondered this. Regardless, many researchers, psychologists, and scientists believe that the answer is yes. In fact, some even believe that babies can dream even while still in the womb. And why should it not make sense that babies can dream too? They, like older children and adults, experience REM sleep, which is when dreams occur in the first place.

Have you ever watched a baby closely while she or he sleeps? The rapid eye movement is a sign of dreaming in both babies and adults. The question might be what do babies dream about? One would think that babies do not have many unpleasant dreams since they typically have not had many unpleasant experiences yet and, in most cases, have very loving parents that tend to the baby’s every need. Yet, research has shown that older babies of the toddler age tend to have more nightmares if they are anxious about something.

Toddlers are going through a very unique time in their life—a time when things are constantly changing around them. They are endlessly learning new things and being exposed to new situations. Sometimes these new situations can cause anxiety. A common cause of anxiety is separation from the parent (also known as separation anxiety). If the toddler is being left with a baby sitter or in a daycare this may be a great source of anxiety for the child, causing him or her to have more bad dreams at night. After all, kids are not unlike adults in that dreams are often a reflection of something that is going on in real life.

To ease a child’s nightmares, you would address the issue in much the same way you would an adult’s dreams. Find out the source of the child’s anxiety. Once that is identified, reassure the child that everything is alright. Try to alleviate the child’s fears. Do not make light of a child’s fears or the anxiety may still be there, hidden from the parents. However irrational, a toddler's fears are very real to him or her. As the child gets over his or her fear the nightmares should lesson.

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