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Default The Naked Dream

The Naked Dream

The naked dream is one of the most common dreams reported. Generally, the dreamer is not aware that he or she is naked at first, but then suddenly becomes aware and is mortified. In other cases though, the dreamer is aware of his or her nakedness, but others are not. In still other cases, no one is aware of the dreamerís nakednessónot even the dreamer. It seems completely natural.

Often the naked dream is experienced right before some big event when the pressure is on. The most common event reported is some kind of presentation. If a student has to make an oral presentation in front of the class or if a worker has to make a presentation to his boss or executives at work then the naked dreams may start as the event draws nearer. Usually, they symbolize a fear of failing or making a fool of oneself somehow during the presentation. It could also symbolize a fear of being unprepared or not prepared enough.

Naked dreams can also symbolize the fear of being uncovered or discovered. If a person is hiding something about themselves (something that makes him or her feel vulnerable) then that person might dream of being exposed in front of a crowd. This is a big societal taboo, and therefore, a subject to be feared. It would be an extremely humiliating experience were it to occur for real. Perhaps this is why some experts believe that it symbolizes the fear of having some secret exposed.

The last interpretation that has been reported is one of having a fear of being caught off guard in some way. Maybe the dreamer is feeling that his or her life is spinning out of control somehow or that some aspect of his or her life may hold unwanted surprises in the near future. While the first two interpretations are more common and more realistic, there is no one theory that resonates to every individual's unconscious mind during the process of interpreting subjective reality.

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Old 12-30-2008, 12:04 PM
Smile naked

can mean sexuality can mean erotic desires
can mean the desire to be loved to be adored to have your body in the best mood, to be free of all...
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